The Actalent Consultant: A Different Way to Work

By Alexandra Parker | May 2, 2023
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The best employment experience aligns with your professional skills, goals, and interests to unearth the next best career opportunity.

If you work in engineering or sciences fields you know first-hand how competitive the STEM job market is. Between the significant shortage of talent, the rapid growth in technology, and the increasing decline in labor force participation, the demand for skilled professionals has never been greater. From developing automated machinery and electric-powered engines to managing clinical trials for advanced cancer treatments, there is an abundance of work that needs to be done and a shortage of experienced workers to do it.

More and more, savvy organizations are relying on contingent or independent workforces to find specialized skill sets quickly and without the added expense of making them full-time employees. Independent workers, or apt professionals in the case of engineering and sciences, ensure that companies continue to grow, innovate, and expand with agility and flexibility, particularly in a tough economy. Because of their highly valued and sought-after skills sets, apt professionals have never had more leverage in the current job market.

The Current Employment Landscape

Several Actalent publications have examined the state of the labor market and its impact on businesses and employees, but what does the landscape look like for those in search of a job or career change?

Now, more than ever, job seekers want more control over their careers, what they work on, who they work for, and how they are compensated. The number of individuals open to independent and contract work is exponentially rising. Even as pandemic restrictions lift and the world tries to return to normal, the number of individuals seeking independent and contract employment continues to be higher than ever before.

The Actalent consultant experience combines different ways to work in order to create an engaging and stimulating career journey for our people. Working with Actalent means gaining a career advisor that helps unearth opportunities for you that align with your professional skills, goals, and interests. Best of all though, is that with Actalent's career advisors and decades of experience in engineering and sciences, you don't have to find your next career advancing opportunity on your own. This, paired with the fact that consultants enjoy premium pay and benefits such as health insurance and paid-time-off makes the Actalent consultant pathway a unique one.

A NEW Way to Work

Professionals want more control over where they work, what they work on, who they work for, and how their careers are advancing. They want flexibility. The power to choose. Opportunities to pick up a new skill. This is no different for those in STEM industries.

At Actalent, we are experts in the sciences and engineering spaces. Our decades of experience in these industries along with our tenured partnerships with many Fortune 500, globally renowned companies grant us insight into current industry trends and future projections. Not only do we understand these industries, but we understand those who work in them as well. Actalent conducts regular surveys and collects continuous feedback to understand what STEM professionals are looking for in a career:

  • Opportunities to gain a broad spectrum of skills
  • Opportunities for career growth and advancement
  • A manager that cares about their career
  • Clear communication about work performance
  • Competitive compensation in-line with industry standards

The Actalent experience is a customizable one; consultants have the agility to move not only between projects, but also companies to work with, industries to work in, and even work to do. Consultants can choose to stay at one company for the entirety of their career or they can opt to try their hand somewhere new, to make an impact somewhere else. Once placed, Actalent consultants gain a career advisor who continues to advocate for their professional development. Our team utilizes consistent communication and regular touchpoints to address and remedy any issues that may impact consultant performance and overall engagement. Both account managers and recruiters act as a bridge between Actalent consultants and the companies they are doing work for, advocating for premium compensation and overall job growth. With our career advisors and extensive foothold in engineering and sciences industries, Actalent creates opportunity for our consultants to work on incredible and innovative projects. When a project ends, consultants don't have to stress over finding a new one alone – recruiters and account managers work together to ensure consultants have a career advancing, skill developing assignment locked in that aligns with their career goals, skills, and interests.

Besides career advisement and support, Actalent also enrolls consultants in a tenure-based program that provides additional opportunities and resources for growth, advancement, and recognition. As consultants hit certain tenure milestones, options to gain advanced skills, attend consultant-oriented events, and network with Actalent leadership become available.

Is it Time to Consider the Actalent Consultant Pathway?

The Actalent consultant pathway creates mobility between projects and industries while still guaranteeing job stability and steady work. Meanwhile, Actalent supports our consultants through their assignments and advocates for their career growth. Working with Actalent gives science and engineering professionals the ability to work on cutting-edge technologies and innovations while also benefitting from competitive pay, benefits, and the chance to be part of an engaging STEM community.

Actalent is positioned to impact and advance the careers of our consultants, creating opportunity where there may have been none otherwise and advocating for their professional development. The possibility that lies within a career with Actalent is truly unmatched.

Now is the time to reflect on your current employment experience:

  • Are all your employment needs being met?
  • Is your career developing at a rate that meets your expectations?
  • Do you find your work challenging and stimulating?
  • Do you feel supported and prepared when going to work every day?
  • Do you have someone in your corner advocating for your career advancement and success?
  • Is your current employment experience flexible enough to allow you to try your hand in different positions and industries?

If you answered 'no' to any of these questions, we encourage you to connect wth our team in the Actalent location closest to you and browse open job opportunities waiting to be pursued. We can be the bridge between what STEM professionals want and what is possible.

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