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Distribution Engineering

Electric utilities are modernizing the grid to ensure a smarter, greener tomorrow. The biggest challenge is finding companies with the capabilities, scale, and resources needed to design, manage, and complete the work.

Actalent connects power to possibilities.

Our teams provide innovative, world-class engineering, design, and electric utility support services.

Who We Are

  • Professional Engineers – Electrical and Civil
  • PMI PMP Certified Project Managers

Problems We've Solved

We develop solutions that ensure the safe, reliable distribution and delivery of power and support projects like:

  • Infrastructure assessment programs that identify failing equipment leading to the engineering and design of appropriate replacements.
  • Overhead-to-underground conversion projects for highway crossings and residential neighborhoods. Tasks included field inspection, design, right of way, and permitting.
  • Distribution automation projects and studies that update equipment settings, interconnect solar facilities, and coordinate equipment deployment and functionality
  • Engineering and design for new and replacement overhead and underground equipment (e.g., pad mounted transformers, capacitor banks).
  • Street lighting projects using models to evaluate current photometric patterns. Changes improved traffic and pedestrian safety.
  • Managing critical, multi-year infrastructure projects
  • GIS solutions involving mapping, data governance, programming, and application development

Meet Our Expert

Actalent Expert Maxim Castelino

Our Expertise

We offer a broad range of services to create effective, scalable, and customizable solutions.
  • Overhead line rebuild/relocation
  • Pole/equipment replacement
  • Re-conductor
  • Joint use
  • Line extension
  • Voltage conversion (OH)
  • Streetlight equipment replacement (OH)
  • Primary feeder upgrade/extension
  • Asset inspection/assessment
  • Overhead to underground conversion
  • Residential design (URD)
  • UG cable replacement
  • Voltage conversion (UG)
  • Network (UG)
  • RTU/IED programming, configuration
  • Outage management
  • DER integration
  • Microgrid
  • Volt/VAr optimization
  • Expansion/contingency planning
  • Coordination studies
  • Short circuit analysis
  • Arc flash
  • Project life cycle development and management
  • Scoping, estimating, planning, and scheduling of capital projects
  • Budget and cost management
  • Coordination and management of various stakeholders, vendors, and sub-vendors from concept to commission
  • Portfolio and resource management
  • Outage planning
  • Electric utilities capital projects and programs
  • Digitization and production mapping (native records)
  • Cartographic and mapping services
  • Field data collection and field verification
  • Spatial analytics
  • Infrastructure asset management systems
  • Application development
  • Database automation

Industries We Support

Utilities & Construction

Utilities and Construction

Delivery Centers

Our engineering centers support the important work of utility companies across North America.


We utilize industry standards to complete projects that include, but are not limited to:

  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
  • The American Society of Engineers (ASCE/ASCE 7)
  • International CADD
  • National Electric Code (NEC)
  • National Electric Safety Code (NESC)
  • National Electric Reliability Council (NERC)
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