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Consumer & Industrial Products

male chief engineer using tablet computer in automated robot arm assembly line manufacturing high-tech electric vehicles

Consumer and industrial products are the framework of modern living. They comprise the who, what, when, where, and how of everything: our food, our homes, our energy, our work, our health, and the technology we rely on every day. Ensuring the future safety, quality, and ingenuity of our modern framework requires having the best and brightest minds at the vanguard.

Problems We’ve Solved 

Actalent supports clients ranging in size, footprint, and market-share. Among them are several of the most recognizable consumer and industrial product brands in the world. Through the success of these partnerships, we’ve developed solutions for consumer and industrial products that have supported:

  • Aligning companies for digital transformation
  • Reducing carbon footprint of manufacturing procedures
  • Imbedding smart technology in home equipment and appliances
  • Electrifying heavy equipment
  • Creating recyclable parts used in durable goods
  • Improving robotic ground vehicle performance
  • Strengthening telematics and autonomous machine technology
  • Implementing touchless controls in industrial equipment
  • Boosting semiconductor manufacturing
  • Optimizing mergers and acquisitions
  • Replacing regulatory compliance gaps with sustainable best practices

Our Expertise

Actalent has the expertise and the capabilities you need to perform and succeed.

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