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Utilities and Construction

Team of multiethnic architects working on construction plans in meeting room

Companies in the utilities and construction industries have more challenges to overcome than ever before: electric grid hardening and modernization, gas pipeline replacement, housing development, stronger environmental regulations, renewable energy technology integration, decarbonization. The needs are endless.

Actalent is prepared to meet these challenges head-on.

With our network of passionate and ambitious experts, Actalent is positioned to help get society-impacting work done. We have decades of experience in the utilities and construction industries along with full-scale, customizable services that enable us to hit the ground running on our client’s latest projects. We know what to ask, the people to involve, and the problems to address to help them achieve success.

Problems We’ve Solved

Actalent has worked behind the scenes on some of the most exciting and complex projects in the industry, including:

  • Grid modernization and hardening
  • Resiliency planning
  • Distributed energy resources
  • Enhancements in solar power and battery storage
  • Microgrid expansion
  • Load flexibility technology
  • Electrifying transportation
  • Rural broadband
  • 5G expansion
  • Joint use programs
  • Gas pipeline replacement
  • Residential and commercial construction boom
  • Petrochemical plant construction
  • Coal ash remediation
  • Decommissioning nuclear power plants

Our Expertise

Our experts have the experience, knowledge, and capability to support the important work of the utilities and construction sector. They know the questions to ask, the people to involve, and the problems to solve.

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