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Transmission Engineering

Electric utilities are modernizing the grid to ensure a smarter, greener tomorrow. The biggest challenge is finding companies with the capabilities, scale, and resources needed to design, manage, and complete the work.

Actalent supports the work needed to energize the future.

Our teams provide innovative, world-class engineering, design, and electric utility support services.

Who We Are

  • Professional Engineers – Electrical and Civil
  • PMI PMP Certified Project Managers

Problems We've Solved

We develop solutions that ensure the safe, reliable delivery of power:

  • New and rebuilt lines and substations ranging from 69 kV to 765 kV
  • Protection and control designs and electrical studies that address challenges such as changing equipment and integrating old and new equipment
  • Managing critical, multi-year infrastructure projects
  • Land services involving title research, easement acquisition, non-environmental permitting, and public outreach
  • GIS solutions involving mapping, data governance, programming, and application development

Meet Our Expert

Actalent Expert Maxim Castelino

Our Expertise

We leverage our expertise and capabilities to create modern, scalable, customizable solutions that are organized and aligned with sustainable and innovative strategies.
  • Engineering and design or new and upgraded facilities - wood/ concrete/steel poles and lattice towers
  • Development of technical specifications for materials and construction labor procurement
  • Feasibility studies - conductor evaluation and structural analysis
  • Development of weather and load criteria based on customer location and standards
  • PLS CADD - structure modeling, analysis, and design
  • Structure and foundation load development and design drawings
  • Transmission line corridor and route studies and selection
  • Structural load drawing development
  • Hardware analysis
  • Access road layout
  • Cost estimates
  • Lighting/grounding analysis
  • Fiber OPGW design for new and retrofit structures
  • Permitting exhibits
  • Material management/construction support
  • 3D and 2D substation engineering and design
  • Scoping and estimating
  • Bill of materials and equipment ordering
  • Engineering standards development
  • Ground grid calculations (CDEGS)
  • Lighting design
  • Lightning shielding design
  • Control house design
  • Site grading design
  • Foundation and structural analysis and design
  • Structural steel design
  • AC and DC sizing calculations
  • Relay schematics, wiring diagrams, panel diagrams
  • One-line and three-line diagrams
  • SCADA upgrades and new installation design
  • Communications-aided protection schemes and equipment
  • Automated metering and intelligent electronic devices integration
  • Relay settings
  • Coordination studies
  • Interconnection studies
  • Project life cycle development and management
  • Budget and cost management
  • Management of various stakeholders, vendors, and sub-vendors from concept to commission
  • Portfolio and resource management
  • Outage planning
  • Title research/property owner research
  • Right-of-entry coordination and negotiation
  • Easement negotiations and recordings
  • Construction outreach
  • Non-environmental permitting
  • Market land price analysis
  • Contact and access coordination
  • Community outreach
  • Routing/siting support
  • Post-construction damage settlement
  • Land management system project setup and maintenance
  • Digitization and production mapping (native records)
  • Cartographic and mapping services
  • Field data collection and field verification
  • Spatial analytics
  • Infrastructure asset management systems
  • Application development
  • Database automation

Industries We Support

Delivery Centers

Our engineering centers support the important work of utility companies across North America.


We utilize industry standards to complete projects that include, but are not limited to:

  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
  • The American Society of Engineers (ASCE/ASCE 7)
  • International CADD
  • National Electric Code (NEC)
  • National Electric Safety Code (NESC)
  • National Electric Reliability Council (NERC)

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