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Fire Series: Lighting the Fire Within

Executive Summary

The demand for employees has never been greater, nor has the scarcity of them. The rapid acceleration of digital transformation during the pandemic revolutionized how - and where - work gets done in nearly every industry.

Part III in our Fire Series provides personal, practical, and straightforward steps that employers can immediately implement to build meaningful, collaborative relationships with employees; provide a personalized employment experience; and achieve improved retention, performance, and productivity results.

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Key Takeaways

  • If companies want to compete in this talent market, the prioritization and personalization of employee engagement is no longer a nice to have – it's a must-have.
  • The fastest path toward disengagement is feeling forgotten

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Lighting the Fire Within Whitepaper cover


Maureen Mirabito

Maureen Mirabito
Bryan Toffey

Bryan Toffey
VP, Talent Experience
Erica McComas

Erica McComas
Consultant Engagement Manager
eliza hetrick

Eliza Hetrick
Market Research Analyst