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First Come Droughts,
Then Come Fires

Growth and innovation in today’s labor market means putting more effort into keeping the talent you have, because replacements are becoming impossible to find.

Executive Summary

Now, between the number of lost workers, the tsunami of unexpected and early retirements, and the on-going war for STEM talent, every leader of every business must remain laser-focused on attracting, engaging, and retaining the critical talent needed to propel their business forward. The pandemic didn't cause the drought, but it did accelerate it.
First come droughts, then comes fires whitepaper cover

Key Takeaways

  • The shortage of talent is not a new problem, but exaggerated by the pandemic and the Great Resignation.
  • Employers must get creative to find ways to enhance the talent experience and promote retention.


eliza hetrick

Eliza Hetrick
Market Research Analyst

Eddie Beaver

Eddie Beaver 
Research and Analytics Team Lead

Maureen Mirabito

Maureen Mirabito