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Actalent’s Managed Talent Solution Positions Clients for Unlimited Innovation and Growth

By Meredith Lurty, Kevin Madden, Crystal Rokos

Executive Summary

Today’s managers have more responsibility and less time to effectively lead a team of consultants to success.

With nearly 40 years of experience in engineering and sciences consulting, Actalent’s Managed Talent solution provides our clients with a dedicated experience manager along with our expert engineering and sciences talent. This manager is skilled in leading consultant teams to high levels of productivity and engagement and manages the entire consultant experience for our clients— from recruitment to career planning all the way through to completion of a project. Our clients avoid time loss, attrition costs, decreased performance, oversight and control challenges, and more.

With Managed Talent, our clients provide the vision for how their project will impact the world, and Actalent provides and cares for the people who will bring it to life.

This paper provides an in-depth look at the approach Actalent uses to deliver immense value to our clients in terms of intellectual property, knowledge capture, and high levels of performance and innovation, and our consultants in terms of career development, engagement, and meaningful work.

Meet the Experts

Meredith Lurty
Meredith Lurty
Delivery Manager
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kevin madden
Kevin Madden
Solution Architect
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Crystal Rokos
Crystal Rokos
Delivery Manager
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