Remote Talent Solution Lands Great Results on Moon Project

female engineer typing on laptop computer

Actalent attracts top-graded systems engineers from a nationwide talent pool

Client Profile

An aerospace and defense company ranked in the top five globally for their space systems group.

The Challenge

Our client develops cutting-edge space exploration technology. They began work on a new landing system for future NASA moon missions but didn’t have enough qualified systems engineers to complete the project. Without a solution, the client risked falling behind schedule, achieving suboptimal results, and potentially losing business.

The Actalent Approach

Making the extra effort to know and understand the client, months before this need arose, allowed us to tailor the right solution for them when the time came. We quickly supplied nine fully remote systems engineers. Each had mechanical, electrical, and software backgrounds, along with the proper security clearances and requisite experience developing space technology. Our collaborative screening and interview processes, thorough but expedient, impressed the client.

Most impressive to them, though, was our ability to pull top- quality remote candidates from a nationwide talent pool.

In less than a month we transformed their labor shortage into an advantage. And as the client’s needs expanded, on that project and others, we scaled our solution to support their scope. Our ability to work closely with the client and their vendor manager added further complement to the smoothness and steadiness of our overall performance. We doubled our consultant total in their civil and commercial satellite program in a year, with engineers added from Connecticut, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Virginia.

The Results

Actalent’s role in the moon landing project was a success. The first wave of consultants on that project performed so well

the client asked for additional talent to fill other openings. That success spread to additional projects, most centered around satellite innovations, including in-orbit robotic repair technology, mission robotic vehicles, and habitation and logistics outpost technology. Each of our consultants have been extended beyond their initial 12-month tenure, and the client continues to recognize and praise their impact on several successful outcomes. Moving forward, Actalent is poised to become the main talent provider in their civil and commercial satellite program.