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Electricity has made the modern world possible. The added demand from vehicle electrification and renewables with intermittent generation may improve sustainability, but it also increases the challenge of hardening a grid to stand up to whatever people and nature throw at it. With the integration of AI, automation, and 5G-enabled digital monitoring, switching and sensing, you’re building an information grid on top of the electrical grid, and that requires new ideas and perspectives. In addition to all the new technology, you need protective measures, processes and controls to manage cybersecurity and safety. Your work through this transformation ensures distribution and transmission are robust, resilient and smart enough to tackle new demands without interruption.

While technology and regulation disrupt the utility industry, you need services that are more innovative, flexible and nimble. We combine a depth of utility industry expertise with a diversity of people and perspectives that apply new technologies to standardize, optimize and innovate while reducing cost. We apply a relentless pursuit of improvement to every aspect of your business, as well as to ourselves and our service. We’re based on a cultural foundation of ethics, accountability and relationships and a business of scale and stability, helping you reduce risk while you build the smart grid of the future.

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