Actalent Partners with Global Orthopedic Company to Develop Game-Changing Treatments and Therapies

Woman using medical device

Specialized workforce develops robotics solution to improve patient experience.

Results at a Glance

Improved retention rate

Retained 97% of engineering workforce in the first year

Improved patient experience

Experts developed orthopedic robotics solution

Technical roles filled

C++ software developers, design quality engineers, systems designers, system engineers

Client Profile

Medical device developer

Market Overview

Several converging factors have put the pressure on orthopedic companies to innovate the way therapies and treatments in this industry are imagined, developed, and utilized. Between the rising cost of joint replacements and the increasing demands of an aging baby boomer population together with the high rate of infections, and re-hospitalization rates postfirst surgery, there isn’t just a bottom-line incentive to find a better solution, there’s a moral imperative to find one. Fortunately, both the rapid onset of digital transformation and the advances toward personalized healthcare offer tremendous opportunities for orthopedic treatment and therapy companies to innovate. Unfortunately, the process to do so is not a flip of the switch. Overcoming the challenges and taking advantage of the opportunities requires a complete shift in business focus and strategy, and workforce skillsets. With a forecasted growth of $6.89 billion in the next six years, the race among companies is on—and millions of people are relying on someone to get it right.

The Challenge

Our client had a vision to develop an orthopedic robotics solution to address the challenges patients experienced with traditional joint replacement surgery. In addition to the challenges it would address, the treatment would add significant benefits. The success of the client, however, was dependent on finding expert talent with specialized skillsets to develop highly technical and software solutions and could hit the ground running. They partnered with Actalent to build a workforce that could immediately exceed the technical demands of the project and ensure milestones and timelines were met.

The Actalent Approach

Actalent employs more than 27,500 consultants with expert skills and talent in engineering and sciences. Our management team (aka solution architects) worked with the client’s management and technical teams to understand the specific scope and needs of this robotics project. Actalent wanted to ensure a perfect match between its people and this critical, keystone project.

The Results

Within one year, Actalent was able to increase the client’s engineering workforce by more than 70 percent, with a retention rate of 97 percent. This experienced, motivated workforce was successful in creating a next generation surgical treatment that is highly personalized to the patient, reduces incidences of rehospitalization and infections post-surgery, and therefore, lowers cost and improves quality of life. Actalent continues to partner with the client to envision future possibilities and to further advancements in game-changing orthopedic therapies and treatments.