Actalent Helping Client Build Space Economy of the Future

By Michael McGuire | April 2023
Space engineer working on satellite construction

Our talented consultants are developing technological platforms that are being used for commercial development and transportation in low earth orbit.

Client Profile

An ambitious U.S. company helping to build and power the economy of space.

The Challenge

Our client innovates pioneering technology that is enhancing commercial development and commercial transportation in the low earth orbit.

Their company was growing rapidly alongside the expansion of private-sector space investment and endeavors. They had also just won another NASA contract.

The influx of new business, however, quickly outpaced the client's capabilities to do the work. They desperately needed more model-based systems engineers. Without them, the client wouldn't be able to meet critical milestones on multiple projects, including NASA's.

The client struggled to find qualified candidates within their limited search footprint. Yet, even if they had the resources and bandwidth to recruit nationwide, it still likely wouldn't have been enough, as STEM job openings across the U.S. still exceeded available candidates 7 to 1.

Deadlines were soon approaching. Unless the client found a solution, they risked jeopardizing the success of several groundbreaking projects and the future of their business.

The Actalent Approach

With unrivaled recruiting expertise and resources, Actalent can source talent our clients often can't.

First, our team worked with the client, using our extensive knowledge of the industry, labor markets, and the role requirements, to create an ideal candidate profile along with an attractive compensation package that would incentivize them to relocate.

Then, we quickly identified and contacted the best model-based systems engineering candidates within our vast recruiting network, which includes the U.S. aerospace and defense community.

Next, our technical program manager oversaw an efficient but thorough screening and interview process for both the client and candidates, allowing each to properly vet the other, conduct highly detailed technical discussions, and ensure this was a mutually optimal fit. *

The candidates accepted our offers and our program manager continues to work closely with the client and our consultants to ensure timely support, top performance, and great outcomes for all stakeholders.

*Footnote: regarding consultant quality and fit, during the second round of hiring, the client made offers to nine out of the first nine candidates we presented.

The Results

So far, we've recruited and hired ten best-in-class systems engineers in less than six months. The historic projects they're supporting are achieving milestones on-time and with top-graded results.

The client has been most impressed not only with the quality of Actalent's consultants, but also our ability to find them so quickly, especially for such hard-to-fill roles. And it wasn't just what our people have accomplished that's impressed them, but how and when they've done it: In the most critical moments.

For example, the first consultant we onboarded had only been on site less than a week when he began making major, mission-critical contributions. His opportunity came when the project's model-based systems engineering (MBSE) lead resigned unexpectedly. Our consultant, new to the project by a few days, agreed to take over as MBSE lead immediately. In five months, he's achieved the following:

  • Designed, tested, and implemented the entire system architecture and requirements database using Cameo
  • Developed and assigned tasking to the architecture team in accordance with Destinations' priorities
  • Providing in-depth MBSE-related support and guidance
  • Directly manages the development of the client's Cameo tool suite (the effort had been stalling out while most of the team desperately needed it)
  • Given numerous one-on-one and group training sessions (with lecture materials prepared) on how to use Cameo, model the system architecture, and capture requirements in Cameo.
  • Provided technical guidance on how to effectively utilize MBSE and Cameo to satisfy the technical needs of various engineering disciplines.
  • Co-designed a system architecture that satisfies the MBSE needs for our client and a company they're partnering with on a major space commercialization project.

As the client continues to succeed and grow, Actalent will be there to support them. We're already slated to supply additional engineering consultants over the next twelve months. That success, on such visionary projects, is setting the stage — along with ongoing career support and guidance from Actalent — for our consultants' ongoing professional growth, as well.

“Actalent consultants deliver key results in critical moments”

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