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Academic Research

Scientists working on a lab on a computer

Research helps us achieve new advances by bringing together a wide range of new perspectives and ideas to tackle challenges.

As you seek a better understanding of the world, we focus on better understanding your needs to help you develop advanced solutions. Our people are committed to expanding and building your R&D and preclinical capabilities so you can open up new opportunities and applications for your research.

Services & Solutions

Staying on the cutting edge of research to deliver breakthroughs requires the convergence of new perspectives. We work collaboratively with you to understand your needs and deliver the right combination of creative, experienced people. Whether we’re delivering comprehensive services or providing specialized expertise at your location, we stay focused on your needs.


As research expands our understanding of the world around us, keeping up with the latest technology becomes essential. Our people apply specialized expertise and insight to implement technology transfer solutions and help you build your research program from the ground up. Through our continuous learning processes, we gain new insights to help you push breakthroughs forward.

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