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Heavy Equipment

Construction worker working on equipment

The giants that move mountains and feed the world keep getting smarter, more reliable and more efficient.

Creating more advanced heavy equipment demands a partner that constantly strives to embody those same qualities in how they deliver work and expertise. Our people apply creativity and specialized proficiency where you need it to develop the equipment that builds a more advanced world.

Services & Solutions

We work collaboratively with you to understand your needs and bring the right combination of people and technology to your challenges. As heavy equipment and manufacturing processes advance, we constantly improve and evolve our services to keep you ahead of the competition. Whether we’re delivering comprehensive engineering services from our delivery centers or providing specialized expertise at your location, we stay focused on your needs.


Growing manufacturing and product complexity require a broad range of engineering know-how. The move to autonomous equipment needs systems and software expertise, and manufacturing demands efficiency to automate and reduce waste. But it’s also essential that you engineer robust strength into the mechanical, hydraulic and electrical systems that ensure safety and reliability. We develop a stronger understanding of your needs and provide the right technology to help you build stronger, more advanced heavy equipment.

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