Actalent Partners with Client to Complete Power Grid Modernisation Initiatives

Actalent's distribution team supports a client looking to identify distribution poles in need of repair or replacement.

Client Profile

An electrical utility in the southern United States that delivers power to more than 800,000 customers.

The Challenge

To modernise its power grid, our client needed to inspect more than 8,600 distribution poles and identify those requiring repair or replacement.

The Actalent Approach

In less than three months, Actalent assembled and trained a five-person Field Inspection Team that was qualified according to client and industry standards. This team inspected each distribution location for pole condition, vegetation issues, lightning arrestors, crossarms, guy wires, BO operators, fuses, primary and secondary wires, transformers, pedestals, and switches. Field Team members identified 1,463 poles that needed replacing and 2,568 locations with other issues. They entered their findings to an online software system using iPads.

Actalent's Distribution team, comprised of engineers and designers, used the field findings and existing drawings to design replacement poles. The engineers and designers created issues for construction drawings, submitted bills of material, and ordered necessary equipment. They coordinated with construction crews, answered questions to resolve issues, and updated as-built drawings based on construction crew markups.

The Results

Actalent's team continues to support the client in achieving its grid modernisation goal on time and within budget. This work will provide a safer, more reliable grid with additional, advanced services. Through our continuing partnership, the client can work with Actalent's Distribution and Field Inspection teams on an as-needed basis. We eliminated costs associated with recruiting, negotiating, training, and supervising while also ensuring project delivery and stability. Our client can focus its attention and efforts on improving daily operations and customer responsiveness during outages, for example, rather than having to worry about project management.

The expertise, productivity, and attention to detail afforded by our Actalent consultants supported our client's reputation as a reliable service provider in the eyes of its customers and regulators.