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New technology is changing how we move and how we build the vehicles that move us.

Electrification and autonomous technology have shifted new emphasis to software and the evolving expertise to create it. New materials combine with innovative design, simulation, optimisation, and automation technology to push performance benchmarks and pressure engineers to beat them. Driving this transformative change are people with the right vision, expertise and ingenuity to meet the future needs you’re tackling today.

Services & Solutions

From global development teams to onsite delivery, having specialised expertise where and when you need it is more essential than ever. We collaborate to understand your needs and deliver the right combination of focused, driven people and technological know-how. Whether we are delivering comprehensive engineering services from our delivery centres or adding value at your location, we stay focused on your needs.


The drive to develop and improve chassis, powertrains, systems, and software — while automating manufacturing — has become dramatically more advanced and competitive. These changes have transformed engineering departments, requiring specialised expertise and a drive for innovation. While new tools and AI can reduce the number of people on a project, having the right talent is more important than ever. We have access to industry and technology experts who bring the ingenuity, know-how and passion to meet your evolving needs.

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