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Laboratory Sciences

From supporting routine analysis to specialist expertise in computational modelling for improved advanced materials performance and the design of related workflows and processes, today’s scientific enterprise is moving at break-neck speed. We offer customised solutions including the provision of specialised talent who support project and program services spanning from R&D to finished products. Our delivery models are highly flexible and scalable to meet the changing business environment and requirements.

Science continues to advance and is rapidly enabled by the deployment and application of machine learning, artificial intelligence and neural networked approaches. These applications provide real-time, near instant insight and help solve in-process manufacturing quality control problems and highly complex, compute-intense multi-disciplinary challenges. Our immersion and active participation in the science communities we serve allow an understanding of trends and needs to ensure the right talent for the right solution is always available. With a partner that concentrates on improving quality and reducing risk, you can proceed with confidence to achieve your business outcomes.

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