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Energy & Utilities

Utilities must balance progress and stability at the tipping point where cost, policy and technology are accelerating renewable energy adoption.

Traditional generation, transmission and distribution are being disrupted by often intermittent distributed generation and integrated storage needs. But consumers expect uninterrupted service, regardless of the time or demand. While the challenges change by market, our people focus on your needs to deliver the expertise, experience, and insight to build a stronger, smarter grid.

Services & Solutions

Modernising the energy grid to be cleaner and more reliable takes expertise, vision, and a consistent focus on improving performance. We work collaboratively with you to understand your needs and provide the right combination of specialised, dedicated people and technology know-how. Whether we are delivering comprehensive engineering services from our delivery centres or providing specialised expertise at your location — however remote — we stay focused on your needs.


With the increasingly complex challenges facing utilities, it takes a range of expertise, from distribution designers and substation engineers to software designers, all working together seamlessly. We provide access to specialised, industry experts who are leading and developing a new generation of utility engineers focused on performance. Together, we can create, manage, design, and engineer a better way to power the world.

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