Chris Jock

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Chris Jock brings over 30 years of experience and knowledge to Actalent Sciences, with 20 years leading high-performance teams in scientific staffing, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and global managed solutions. He has built high performance teams across the America’s, EMEA and APAC that have enabled organisations to achieve exceptional business and organisational results. His proven program management techniques paired with best practices ensure every project and program delivers on the stated efficiency, effectiveness and service goals, and has applied them on projects like transformation, reorganisation, expansion, growth and new market launches. Chris also brings specific expertise within complexity management, life sciences technology (outsourced solutions and human capital optimisation) and regulatory compliance for the DOL, OSHA, FDA, EPA and USDA. Chris is currently a Chemistry instructor at Oakland University and volunteers as a STEM mentor with He also serves on the Executive Committee of the Detroit Chapter of the American Chemical Society, and holds several advisory board roles with various environmental association groups. Chris graduated from the University of Utah with a master’s degree in chemistry.

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