Leadership, Optimism, and Opportunities:
How Actalent Inspires Full-Stack Developer Sushil Pai to Succeed

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Recounting the journey, Sushil discusses how he rose from consultant to team leader, overseeing fellow developers in Actalent's Systems and Software Practice.

Sushil Pai is a full-stack developer and project manager in Actalent's Systems and Software Practice. His career at Actalent began as a consultant in 2017. Today, he leads his own team of fellow full-stack developers.

In this Q&A, Sushil discusses why he joined Actalent, why the company inspires him, and how working here has impacted him personally and professionally.    

Q: What inspired you to join Actalent?

A: While I did have multiple jobs offers, what set Actalent apart for me was the consistent communication I received from the talent acquisition team and the hiring manager throughout the hiring process. This is a rarity in my experience. It demonstrated Actalent's people-centric culture and that I would be a valued member of the Actalent team.

Q: How did you advance into your current role and responsibilities?

A: After joining a new in-house offshore support team, I started as a junior SharePoint developer. When a senior position opened up, management gave me time to upskill and eventually promoted me to the senior role. Soon, I was given the opportunity to lead a team of developers. Since then, it's been a journey of progress, facing new challenges, taking on more responsibilities, and learning something new every day.

Q: What would you consider the most significant impact you've experienced during your six years as a full-time employee at Actalent? 

A: The most significant impact for me, as the Actalent tagline says, is “People to Possible.” Actalent is all about people, and I love how much individuals are seen and valued for both their professional as well as personal lives. Over my journey at Actalent, I've always felt recognized and appreciated for my contributions.

Q: What role has Actalent's leadership and culture played in your personal development?

A: The leadership here provides opportunities for personal development by recognizing individuals' potential. Actalent is special because everyone is approachable including the leaders. They take time to listen, give feedback and support.

Q: Can you share a professional accomplishment you're particularly proud of?

A: As part of the Enterprise Enablement and Technology (EE&T) team, I have had the privilege to work with some brilliant and visionary leaders. This experience shaped my character. Leading the in-house solutions team, I had an opportunity to collaborate with the director of our systems and software (SAS) global practice. Working with that leader led to an opportunity to take on a project manager role for full-stack development. Actalent's commitment to continuous learning for its team members, recognition, challenging assignments, and a collaborative environment are what motivate me to give my best every day.

Q: Do you have any advice to our Actalent colleagues on embracing the Actalent culture in a way that enables them to have an experience as impactful as yours?

A: My advice to our colleagues would be to embrace and practice our core values for both professional and personal growth: own your work, collaborate, exchange ideas, and stay open-minded. Also, don' be afraid to discuss your goals with managers and develop a growth plan. Make use of the available resources to upskill and showcase your learnings in your work. If you put in the time and effort to seek out new opportunities, you will be rewarded for it.

Q: In your opinion, how does the company make a positive impact on its employees and the community?

A: Actalent is all about people. We are always provided with the best resources to nurture and grow. The company also hosts various employee engagement activities such as trivia competitions, celebrations, outings and sports activities held throughout the year to help us build relationships with each other and have some fun together. The biggest drivers of the positive impact are our people, the support functions, and the leadership team who constantly help us foster growth through internal resources, which includes trainings and the company's Learning and Performance Solutions (LPS) program.

Q: What aspect of the company's mission or vision resonates with you on a personal level?

A: The company's mission of creating a better future through the success of people and organisations resonates with me on a personal level, as I believe and have experienced the same. The company is dedicated to creating success stories with its people. The company has enabled my success in numerous ways and continues to do so. I am as eager now as I was on my first day with Actalent to give my best in everything I do to help the organisation succeed.