Meet Amitansu Patnaik: Engineer, Traveller, Civic-Minded Technology Lover, and Pencil Collector

Photo of Actalent employee Amitansu Patnaik with motorcycle
Amit's story is about how, as a Delivery Manager at Actalent, he connects his many passions with purpose, thus finding that optimal work-life balance.

Amitansu (Amit) Patnaik says he's curious – about so many things.

Others describe him as energetic and confident, too.

There might be one word, however, that encompasses everything about him: passionate.

Outside of work, Amit’s passions include researching new technologies, discovering better ways to improve society and, maybe most of all, traveling. He's also a motorcycle enthusiast, pencil collector, and book collector (more on all that later).

At work, whether it's helping his clients or the engineers he oversees to achieve success, Amit carries with him that same passion and curiosity for exploration and improvement.

Amit's story is about how, as a Delivery Manager at Actalent, he connects his passion with purpose. And how having the opportunity to cultivate a healthy work-life balance has allowed him to achieve a remarkable career.

Collage of photos with Actalent employee Amitansu Patnaik

Amit's Journey

Amit is from Bangalore, India. He joined Actalent in 2014. Initially, he was responsible for leading the company's offshore and client business operations. He has since been instrumental in establishing a mature client operations business by establishing solid business practices and ethics. Amit has also played a key role in developing Actalent's presence in Japan, spearheading the growth of the business both offshore and onsite.

Today, Amit leads a highly accomplished team of over 150 engineers who consistently deliver exceptional services to numerous clients and building Actalent's status as a preferred partner.

Areas of Expertise

Amit's primary area of expertise is key account building and management associated with revenue generation, profit and loss management, and client management. His degree in mechanical engineering has laid the foundation for his career in various applications of mechanical sciences such as automotive, renewable energy, and fibre-reinforced plastics manufacturing. His current focus is operational and remote team management excellence. With a curious mind, he has diversified his interest into electric vehicles (EVs), Web 3.0 (cryptocurrency and blockchain), and even in space studies.

Achievements & Key to Success

Amit is a four-time champion in the VOC (Voice of Customer) survey across the company where he has received excellent scores from clients on his work. He attributes his high performance and success at work to a realization — he understood early in his career that surpassing client requirements involves adding value through perceiving client pain points, understanding their perspective, and providing quality people through a robust selection process. This commitment to excellence has set a high standard within his team, driving continuous success.

Balance: Life Outside of Work

Alongside his professional accomplishments, Amit takes great pride in the work-life balance Actalent enables him to maintain, allowing him to pursue his hobbies alongside his job. According to Amit, Actalent provides its employees the ability to explore their full career potential while ensuring a healthy work-life balance.

"The exceptional support I receive from Actalent allows me to pursue my hobbies alongside work, enabling me to take vacation time for a week or ten days, as needed," Amit said. "This flexibility not only helps me recharge but also allows me to align my passion with purpose."

Amit, an avid traveller, cannot wait for Fridays or weekends to hit the road with his rucksack and motorbike. With a knack for good photography, he loves capturing memories of the places he visits all across India.

With passion for motorcycles, Amit has recently embarked on an incredible journey to Leh Ladakh, covering over 1,100 kilometres. This meticulously planned route — through Srinagar, Kargil, the Khardungla pass (one of the highest motorable roads), the Nubra Valley, Pangong lake, and culminating in Manali—was an exhilarating experience for Amit.

For Amit, "riding represents freedom and serves as an exceptional stressbuster, sometimes with no predetermined destination in mind."

Apart from his personal endeavours, he is the founding member of several motorcycling communities and enjoys meeting fellow enthusiasts who share the common joy of riding.

Three Questions For Amit...

Q: What made you choose a career as a delivery manager?

A: I have always had a client-facing role (call it chance or destiny) working on both the product and services side of the business. When I joined Actalent, I was looking for a role that would enable me to face customers and understand their requirements and pain points. I wanted a role that would allow me to think independently and act with some flexibility to take calculated risks. I also had previous experience remotely managing an operational team across India which has helped me ace my current role.

Q: What do you love most about Actalent’s culture?

A: I love Actalent's nurturing atmosphere and the close-knit relationships that make collaboration across different groups effortless. The openness of the workplace is impressive; one can easily approach anyone without hesitation, which cultivates a welcoming and cooperative environment.

Q: How do you balance work and passion together and how has Actalent helped you accordingly?

A: The key is to clearly distinguish between work and passion. I always plan my riding adventures well in advance, ensuring they don't interfere with work. Proper planning and effective delegation are crucial. Actalent not only understands but also supports the need for time off for a healthy work-life balance. In fact, taking time off is encouraged as part of our company culture.

Photo of Actalent employee Amitansu Patnaik after climbing a cliff


That's Amit — a dedicated professional with many interesting hobbies and passions. When he's not working or traveling, you can find him in his home library filled with over 200 books, studying intriguing topics, and adding to his collection of over 1,000 pencils from India and abroad.

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