Top Technology Trends in Hardware and Embedded Electronics for 2024

Artificial intelligence integration, wearable electronics, and brain chip implants are among this year’s top technology trends in hardware and embedded electronics.

Entering 2024, there’s much to be excited about regarding the new and emerging technologies shaping our future.

In this article, we'll delve specifically into some of the more prominent trends in hardware and embedded electronics, including advancements in artificial intelligence, foldable and flexible displays and smart automobiles.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) into electronic devices is on the rise. With the goal of enhancing functionality, automation and decision-making, electronics engineers are focusing on creating hardware tailored for AI and ML algorithms, such as dedicated accelerators and neuromorphic computing.

AI-integrated Processors and Chips

The integration of AI into processors is reshaping future hardware, infusing not just raw power but intelligence. Devices, from smartphones to self-driving cars, swiftly learn and adapt. This transformative convergence blurs human-machine boundaries, promising a future where intelligent hardware enhances daily life.

Robotics and Automation

The pivotal role of electronics engineering in robotics and automated systems development cannot be overstated. This encompasses the design of sensors, control systems and the incorporation of AI for the creation of smarter and autonomous robots. The ongoing progress and implementation of advanced robotics in sectors such as manufacturing and healthcare are evident. This evolution involves the integration of collaborative robots (cobots) working in tandem with humans, as well as robots equipped with heightened sensory and decision-making capabilities. Examples include:

  • Agricultural cobots: employing AI for efficient harvesting and pollination, these robots enhance energy efficiency and yield in comparison to traditional farming methods.
  • Healthcare cobots: equipped for medical assistance, surgery, rehabilitation, diagnostics and patient care, these robots enhance efficiency, precision and patient outcomes.
  • Robot phlebotomists: these cobots use automation for blood drawing in diagnostic testing, blood donation, and medical treatment.
  • Production line cobots: used in automated manufacturing processes, these cobots handle assembly, welding, picking and placing, painting, packaging, material handling and quality control, contributing to increased efficiency and reduced labour.

Autonomous Device and Smart Automotive Systems

In 2024, the increasing prevalence of autonomous devices is set to emerge as a prominent tech trend. Ranging from drones facilitating package deliveries to self-driving cars, these devices are significantly transforming logistics and personal transportation. Notably, they are evolving to be more intelligent and dependable. As their integration into our daily lives deepens, it is anticipated that this trend will prompt the establishment of new regulations and ethical considerations. Furthermore, the trajectory of this technology in 2024 has the potential to push the limits of both machine learning and robotics.

Flexible and Wearable Electronics

Flexible and wearable technology will be more common this year, driven by fitness trends and a desire for on-the-go access. On the back end, the rise in wearables has created a greater demand for innovative form factors. Thus, engineers are developing more components designed for bending and flexibility. The result: expect affordable, comfortable and feature-packed wearables with improved processing, faster 5G, enhanced sensors, user-friendly interfaces, longer battery life and eco-friendly materials.

Brain Chip Implant Technology

Brain chip implant technology is revolutionary, enabling brain-electronic device communication through surgical implantation. Neuralink, led by Elon Musk, has reportedly begun its initial trial, implanting a wireless brain chip in a human for the first time. At this early stage, claims that the chip has detected neuron spikes have been met with a mix of optimism, scepticism and concern. Composed of thin, flexible threads and electrodes strategically placed in high-neural-activity areas, the chip aims to connect brains to computers, addressing neurological conditions. Similar devices from companies like Blackrock Neurotech and Precision Neuroscience show potential in decoding brain activity. Despite its early stages, this technology promises to revolutionize brain interactions, aiding individuals with complex medical conditions.

3D Printing

3D printing stands out as a transformative trend in innovation and technology, revolutionizing prototyping and leaving a significant impact on the biomedical and industrial sectors. It turns the once unimaginable notion of printing tangible objects from a device into a tangible reality, securing its place as a lasting innovation. In the electronics industry, 3D printing offers rapid prototyping, accelerating innovation and shortening time-to-market. This technology introduces unparalleled design freedom and customization, reshaping traditional manufacturing. It simplifies supply chain management by enabling on-demand electronic device production, reducing inventory dependence and the risk of overproduction.

Extended Reality Evolution

Advancements in augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR) are shaping diverse industries like gaming, education, healthcare and remote collaboration. Extended reality (XR) technologies, becoming ever more integrated into daily life, enable individuals to transcend physical constraints. Popular among gamers, medical specialists and retail professionals, XR creates immersive experiences without tangible limitations, marking a transformative evolution in digital engagement.


That concludes our rundown of the prominent trends in hardware and embedded electronics.

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