Actalent Expert Pranata Kalkura

Pranata Kalkura

Senior Delivery Manager

With more than 17 years of engineering experience, Pranata Kalkura is a senior delivery manager in Actalent’s systems and software practice group. She joined Actalent in 2016, having previously served at organizations like KPIT and Infosys, where she worked on automotive and off-highway heavy equipment software development. At Actalent, she has held a variety of roles, including technical architect, project manager and now delivery manager. Throughout her journey at Actalent, Pranata has supported many customers, drawing from her multitude of skillsets to make wide-ranging, impactful contributions. She was instrumental in establishing model-based design (MBD) capabilities in India and has also initiated a Center of Excellence (CoE) for MATLAB. Pranata’s current focus is on embedded software development projects. She holds a Master's in Technology from Manipal University, with a specialization in Digital Electronics and Advanced Communication.

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