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Engineering Services

Engineers envision the future. Your attention to detail and the quality and usability of your work means most people don’t have to think about what you do. But we know the modern world wouldn’t be possible without you. We take a collaborative approach to identifying your needs and objectives and provide more efficient ways to address them, whether that involves providing specialized expertise and support or executing and managing a project from start to finish.

To fully realize the possibilities, you need support and services with the right combination of expertise, scale and innovation. Whether from one of our delivery centers or at your location, we can provide the infrastructure and IP protection to securely deliver projects on time and with high quality. Our focus on quality drives us to continually look for better ways to improve every aspect of our service while helping you deliver a more innovative future.

Service Offerings

Product Innovation
Innovating new products requires specific development and design components. Our engineering team of experts enable our clients to realize product and process innovation through a structured, agile & scalable product development life cycle from concept definition to manufacturing readiness.

Product Optimization
Whether you are modifying an existing product, or designing a new one, we provide solutions to maximize the performance of your products. From design specification through product release, our team of experts identify opportunities for cost and weight reductions, improved manufacture savings, seek ways to minimize expensive requirements, and perform iterative analysis and testing - all while maximizing your products performance and profitability.

Engineering Change Management
Manufacturers must quickly address product engineering modifications to respond to market demand, new regulations, quality issues or service requirements. We help our clients effectively manage these adaptions through systematic documentation of all requirements from identification of change to planning and implementation of updates. Our approach ensures effective processing and traceability of product changes in order to reduce potential design, manufacturing and inventory errors; minimize development delays, and streamline feedback from appropriate departments, key suppliers and contract manufacturers.

Manufacturing Maturity Assessment
As the manufacturing industry evolves and technology continues to become available, maturing your manufacturing process is critical. Our consultative maturity assessment provides the insight you need to prioritize initiatives within your manufacturing line. We collect data and evaluate current operations and technology to recommend improvements and cost reduction opportunities.


Our Engineering Services are powered by people with specialized expertise, technological know-how and diverse experiences. We bring unique perspectives together to build more efficient, innovative and effective solutions that fit your needs and enable your success.

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